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COVID Assault is coming!

New Video Preview Just Uploaded: Pirate's Cove Resort, Two-Fin Bay, and Aubrey's Passage!

Under development by a unique team of a doctor, an author, and a game developer,  COVID Assault is an RTS-FPS hybrid that asks the burning question that we all wonder about: Are all those shutdowns and quarantines really worth it?

In COVID Assault, you can find out! You'll take office as Prime Minister of the island nation of St. Toona -- just before the first case of COVID reaches its shores. Play the game in full lockdown mode, try "Herd Immunity," or go for something in between.

Using the latest COVID stats, the game's crowd simulators and COVID clouds will show just what's likely to happen next. Will you be the hero of the COVID crisis -- or turn St. Toona into a ghost town?


To win, you'll battle shaky approval ratings, rising bankruptcies, falling medical supplies, and a spiraling budget deficit. Luckily, though, you'll have help: St. Toona University is home to a Nobel-winning particle physicist and eccentric genius inventor.

Dr. Renzo Fauci, your science adviser, just invented the world's first real-time virus sensor. Like his (far more famous) third cousin from the U.S., Dr. Renzo will give you the straight facts . . . leaving the fate of St. Toona entirely in your hands.

New for 1/15/2021: First looks at Two-Fin Bay, the Pirate's Cove Resort and beach, Alice's Light, and finally Aubrey's Passage, (video starts outside Fauci's Place in downtown Toona City). Preliminary/rough footage ONLY, no sound, unedited.  More clips and previews coming soon!

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