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Chronicles of St. Toona: Medusa Fever

UPDATE - Late 2023:

Under development since early 2020, the tropical paradise of St. Toona is almost ready for visitors! An alpha demo is nearly complete, and we're looking for both test-players and contributors -- so check back often for news and demo links!

Your sweet summer job bartending on Big Toona -- and surfing its famous waves -- falls apart when Hurricane Zeus blows the roof off your uncle's bar. He offers you a job at his research lab, but Little Toona's rocky shoreline is nothing but closeouts and bombas.

Big Toona is a surfer's paradise, but you'll have to drive for the "Bag-it & Tag-it" delivery service. Piloting an e-scooter is a little like surfing, though, and soon you're racing down the islands' wildest roads and rickety bridges, breaking speed records and hauling down big tips and bonuses.

Everything's copacetic until Medusa Fever crashes the party -- shuttering all the nightclubs, scaring away the best tippers, and closing down all of the best surfing beaches.

Luckily, Uncle Dino is NOT your typical bartender. He bought his club with proceeds from his Nobel Prize in physics -- and his lab just invented a scanner that can "see" the elusive Medusa Virus!

Wielding Dino's growing arsenal of sensors and smartbots, you enlist fellow surfers and delivery drivers in a life-and-death struggle against the petrifying disease. Together you just might rescue this year's surfing season (along with a few thousand lives).

The fate of St. Toona is in your hands.

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